We will digitize and and convert analog media assets to a digital formats. We specialize in format conversions to over thousands of the most common universal file extension. 

Once you have successfully converted your files to get ready for the Historyfram, your rendered assets go directly to our global private cold cloud storage. Our TrueDelta deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization technology helps make migrating data 

We convert all types of media. Analog Reels, VHS, HI8 cartridges, CD, DVD, DVDR, Hard Drive, Software Extraction, and Vinyl recover, Bulk Duplication. 

All analog assets will be archived, digitized, and color corrected during the deduplication, and compression process. All assets will be converted and uploaded to our state of the art cloud servers. 2 TB Storage standard pkg.  rkyvus will get you ready for the next phase of your product. Converting your analog media is the most important part of the beginning process for any development procedure.